To some, 18 years old may seem young for a musician on the verge of fame.

But in many respects, Amanda Barise is already an old hand. Amanda, whose natural rhythm, pitch recognition, and comfort with performance were unmistakable even at the age of five, has always had an almost spiritual connection with the music. As her career approaches a decade in length, her accomplishments as a vocalist are only slightly less striking than the potential that they suggest for her future.


Amanda started with American Standards, then moved on to Jazz, Blues and Motown. She has studied and learned from the Greats in all these genres, which have become ingrained in her through professional training, which she started at the age of eight. For the last ten years, she has studied with Kate Baker, professional vocal coach and internationally recognized Jazz vocalist in her own right. Amanda’s songbook includes selections from Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Christina Aguilera, Michael Buble, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and others.  


As a vocalist, Amanda's talent has brought her onto stages across America. She has performed at renowned venues such as the New York City’s Cotton Club, OSPAC Theater and IZod Center where she was the youngest artist ever on stage. She has sung the National Anthem at nationally televised events for the New Jersey Nets and HBO Boxing. At the ages of nine, ten, and eleven, she won first-place in the Solo Vocalist category for three consecutive years in the Starpower National Talent competition. She has twice won the Future Stars Competition at the famous Apollo Theater. For example, “There is something special about the way Amanda holds herself when she hits her notes and uses her voice,” remarked Billy Mitchell, lifelong Apollo Theater stagehand and now Tour Director. “It’s a type of poise I haven’t seen since Ella Fitzgerald.”


Amanda's success is not limited to live performances. She is now a seasoned studio artist, working on both her own recordings and contributing to those of other artists. She can be heard singing background vocals on the 2010 Christmas Album of R&B recording artist Joe and Indie-Rock band Kindred Souls. “She has a great ear, great pitch, beautiful tone and great phrasing… She’s really going to be a master singer if she continues to develop at this rate,” Joshua Paul Thompson, Producer, Owner of Tallest Tree Studios, (Alicia Keys, Usher, and O-Town)  


Thompson and Amanda have recently completed 14 original R&B songs together; showcasing soulful yet current song writing skills and finesse never before shown by Amanda. Her old soul bleeds through as she delivers 14 individually impressive performances.  


She is not taking her musical success for granted, and, in a nod of respect, is continuing to study her art diligently. Such hard work is the clear sign of an artist whom the music world has something to offer, and who has something to offer the music world in return.